Public Beta V669 Released

Dear Members,

We have just released a public client to everyone.

It's on our download page.

Please remind we got a double mp purchase, and for every purchase up to 16-09-2019 i will even double it again so not even 4 but 6 times!

For every 50 euro + donation i will be giving the 6 double + an extra 50%.

All old 668 members can just login using there account on 669!

Please check out importent info for launching 669 here AND MAKE SURE YOU RUN COMPATIBILITY WINDOWS 98

669 launching info!

V2 Quick Maintenance/Announcement

Dear Members,


Today we have received multiple messages to increase the ratio's of monster inside Waterway Dungeon.

So like we listen to our Community we adjusted this!

We have also made the "God Set Items" from the market for all future purchases to Limited (But Unlimited).

This will be preventing trading it to others.


Thanks for understanding,

Enjoy Gaming!

V2 Updates

Dear Members,

We have moved a extra menu containing the converters and check market points to the left on a quick menu.
This will clean up the links inside our main menu as well.

Today Our V2 is undergoing some updates.

Hope you will all like these new updates.

Waterway Dungeon Changed Monsters to Chief Black And Red's Only.

Limbo Dungeon has been lowerd on Monster Levels.

I have created Quick teleporters on every perona safe zone side.